The Barn Light Cafe & Bar

We’re thrilled to share the news that has acquired the Barn Light website.

A Little Bit About The Barn Light:

As a bar, The Barn Light aims to be a downtown staple and destination for young professionals, graduate students, professors, businessmen, and women who appreciate good coffee, beer, wine, and cocktails. This establishment is a more sophisticated and comfortable alternative to casual sports bars and undergraduate bars.

About The Barn Light

As a coffee shop, The Barn Light will strive to be the best specialty coffee business in town, where one can get an excellent cup of coffee anytime, day or night. The location of the business will prove convenient for downtown business employees. It is apparent that there is a very high demand for a place where one can hunker down—as a place to work, relax, and meet others—over a cup of coffee, or a pint of beer.

Simply, the goal and driving philosophy is to make available the elements of craft coffee, beer, wine, and cocktails without offending either the sensibilities or pocketbooks of the customer base, all the while providing a true café experience where meaningful social interaction and good conversation thrive.

The Barn Light’s Mission

The Barn Light is a place where one can work or escape from work, where one can be left with one’s own thoughts or share those thoughts with friends—it is the perfect place to start your day, spend your day, and raise a toast to the end of the day.